Grove, Sunrise

Grove, Sunrise


"Grove, Sunrise" by Adam Sprague.

The lights of dawn
crest the hill
to touch the trunks
and to drive
the sleeping fog


This is an original oil painting on panel. It is 10 x 5 inches plus framing.

Framed: Mounted in a restored frame. The frame is finished in silver and is ready to hang.

More info about my frames:

"I find that antique or used frames, typically gold or silver leaf (but sometimes black!) with a bit of wear suit my paintings best. Some are very old, some are newer, but I've chosen each to suit my paintings specifically. 

I collect my frames from antique malls, thrift stores, estate sales and so on, and spend considerable energy cleaning and otherwise making them functional again. However, I don't attempt to repair chips, cracks and flakes as these are what I find give them the character my paintings require - in fact, I often start a painting with a certain frame in mind.

I aim for an 'aged,' and sophisticated appearance so my paintings will look like they have been living on your wall for a hundred years. Of course, if you have a different aesthetic in mind, I offer all of my paintings unframed as well."

The painting and frame pictured are 100% original and are exactly the item you will receive. Please examine the image(s) carefully, and of course, ask any questions you may have before ordering.

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